Monday, August 2, 2010

Checkers Documentary Update

Many of you will remember the documentary film crew, led by Geoff Yaw of Think Media Studios, that attended that 2009 Nationals and the King-Kondlo match. We had hoped to bring them here to Springfield for a screening of their film King Me, but unfortunately the film is still in the final editing stages. I do, however, have an encouraging update from Geoff Yaw about the film:

We are working diligently to complete King Me in time to submit the movie to some important U.S. And International film festivals. The first deadline is September 24, 2010 which is the deadline for the Sundance Film Festival which is held every winter in Park City, Utah. The film festival circuit is very competitive. For example, Sundance receives close to 10,000 entries every year. Roughly 85 are selected for inclusion in the festival. We’re excited about the quality of King Me and are confident that we will find a home on the festival circuit and on the DVD rental market if not in a few select theaters across the country. After the Nationals are complete we will be reaching out to Richard Beckwith, Alan Millhone and Alex Moiseyev to help us put some finishing touches on the movie. We thank the ACF and its members again for their assistance and participation in King Me. We are confident that you will all find the finished product inspiring and sincerely believe that it will bring positive attention to the ACF and the game. I hope to have news regarding how ACF members can see the movie soon. There is talk of holding a private screening here in Cleveland sometime this winter. I will keep you apprised of details as they become available.

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  1. will the documentary come out on dvd ?