Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tournament Picture

Photo by Judy Grisley of United Country Southern Realty. Thanks, Judy!

Back row, left to right:
Trey Stanley, Jack Francis, Nick Addante, Ron King, Teal Stanley, Alan Millhone, Roger Doll, Ramon Dionisio, Richard Beckwith, Ted Williamson, Jimmy O'Grady.
Middle row, left to right: Ray Shelly, Albert Tucker, John Grisley, Elbert Jones, Gene Ellison, George Stallsworth, James Atkins, Joe Schwartz, Ken Shultz.
Front row, left to right: Bill Stanley, Earle Sweatmon, Larry Keen, Earl Kennell, Jim Morrison, John Acker, Shelby Mays, Chas Macintyre, Alex Moiseyev, Joe Coleman, Anthony Bishop, Phil Schwartzberg, Earl Harvell, Leonard Hickman, Neil Wenberg, Howard Hoover, Robert Shuffett.
Seated, left to right: George Gerhauser, Wilma Wolverton, John Webster, Gayle Helterbrand, Kim Willis, James Martin

Not pictured: Richard Hallett, Tim Laverty, and Ron Bailey

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  1. VERY NICE!!!!!!! I know many of you already, and to Earl Kennell --> NICE TO MEET YOU!!!
    Kimmyyyyyy wowwwwwww you LOOK GREAT!!! ;~)