Sunday, August 1, 2010

Round 1 Results

Tomorrow I'll have this in nicer format on the tournament page, but for now manual will have to do. The masters played a two-game round (they're working on the first half of R2 this evening), and everyone else played a four-game round.

Masters (winner-takes-all)

Ron King 4 Rich Beckwith 0
Alex Moiseyev 4 John Webster 0
Tim Laverty 2 Phil Schwartzberg 2
Larry Keen 2 Albert Tucker 2
Jim Morrison 4 Anthony Bishop 0
Jack Francis 4 Ron Bailey 0
Joe Schwartz 4 Alan Millhone 0
Richard Hallett 4 Earl Sweatmon 0

Majors (game scoring)

Ken Shultz 6 Charles McIntyre 2
John Acker 4 Jimmy O'Grady 4
Teal Stanley 6 George Gerhauser 2
Gene Ellison 7 Leonard Hickman 1
Wilma Wolverton 4 Shelby Mays 4
John Grisley 6 Kim Willis 2
Ramon Dionisio 7 Ted Williamson 1
Robert Shuffett 6 BYE

Minors (game scoring)

Nick Addante 6 James Atkins 2
Elbert Jones 8 Joe Coleman 0
George Stallsworth 4 Ray Shelly 4
Neil Wenberg 5 Howard Hoover 3
James Martin 8 Trey Stanley 0
Earl Harvell 8 Bill Stanley 0
Gayle Helterbrand 6 Earl Kennell 2

We enjoyed a nice catered barbecue supper courtesy of the Fortman and Ponder families. Kim Willis presented both families with a plaque and certificate of appreciation, on behalf of the ACF, and Judy Grisley orchestrated a group photograph and took care of the prints, with proceeds going to the ACF. Thanks, all!


  1. This is not working well, we already missed one day....

  2. I found it John, thought u would post it in HOME PAGE....sorry...